At the beginning of the 80's, an industrial sector was developped within the municipal limits. The Industrielle Street was created with an industrial zone approved by the zonage authority. Since then, a textile company was born and operated for a few years before being transformed into a maple sugar industry.


«Les Produits Restigouche» occupies the premises located on 9, Industrielle Street since 1955. A few parcels of land were sold to other industrial owners but were not further developped. In 2001, there were many changes in the sector.

The municipal council agreed that the sector reserved in the 80's did not correspond to the needs of the community and that was the main reason that a partial of the land was assigned to the Saint-Quentin's Golf Club whom did not hesitate to expand a section of a fairway. Other homeowners also bought parcel of the land to expand their own residential property.


The municipal council recommends a larger sector. A decision was made in August 2010 and a request for proposals was prepared. One proposal was retained by the municipal council in view to acquire a lot of more than +/- 80 acres. This transaction was conditional to a study for environmental impact and securing funding.



Our Industrial Park and its potential