November is “Volunteer Month” in Saint Quentin, during which the Association of Community Organizations (ACO) honours the Volunteer of the Year, Athlete of the Year and Community Organization of the Year 2018.

Recipients 2018

Community Organization 2018 - L'Atelier le Tourbillon de Saint-Quentin


Volunteer of the Year 2018 : Clairma Desjardins

Volunteer of the Year 2018 : Monique Ouellet

1.Clairma Desjardins..M.jpg

Youth Volunteer of the Year 2018 : Nathan Voisine

Cultural Personality of the Year 2018 : Marie-Josée Thériault

3.Nathan Voisine..M.jpg
5.Marie-Josée Thériault..M.jpg

Athlete of the Year 2018 :  Jeffrey Labrecque

4.Jeffrey Labrecque..M.jpg

Community Recognitions